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We thrive on the adrenaline rush of unconventional thinking to grow ideas that inspire change. We’re idea people. We get a rush from coming up with a great idea that helps you move your business forward. Our top talent does the work, writes the plans and treats your company like we would treat our own. We mentor, we share ideas and collaborate at all levels, and we act as an extension of your team. If you want proven expertise in Brand Building, Public Relations. Strategic Thinking and Integrated Campaigns then 31st Line is a fit for you

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We help organizations market what they do. But first, Certified Brand Strategist Karen Sample redirects thinking to focus on 'Why' companies do what they do. Karen has helped many businesses find their 'Why' and build value into their brand.


The 31st Line team builds depth and breadth into your campaign. Clever, unconventional campaigns are developed through a collaborative meeting of minds, which consistently solves problems quickly and effectively, often with results that exceed expectations.

Public Relations

Our dedicated team of PR professionals has long-standing relationships with the media. They are skilled in developing comprehensive PR plans using multiple mediums and understand how to create content that will resonate with and engage client audiences.


31st Line digital strategists, artists and technicians can make sure your web presence is noticed and your messaging impactful. Integrating your digital efforts with your overall communications strategy ensures you deliver consistent brand messaging.

Executive Media Training

Issues & Change Management


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