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And the inside out.

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What is your brand?

What is your brand?

Brand is a corporate initiative, not a marketing initiative. Webster’s defines brand as «a unique claim of distinction». But anyone can make a claim. We define brand as «Evidence of distinction». It’s that simple. And that difficult.

Here is how we do it.

Brand Primer
Brand Discovery
Strategic Planning
Internal Adoptation
External Adoptation

We believe in strategic thinking.

31st Line Strategic Communications is a full-service, marketing communications and public relations company with expertise in brand development across many sectors, including agriculture, technology, business to consumer, business to business and not-for-profit communications.

What makes us different.

Certified brand strategist

Access to the only Certified Brand Strategist in Canada

Owner Karen Sample is one of only 45 Certified Brand Strategists in North America with the professional designation of Certified Brand Strategist.

We're different

We're different

Our picturesque rural location creates an atmosphere where people and ideas thrive. Our location reflects shared community values of collaborative work in a low stress environment to fuel clear thinking that leads to outstanding results.

Deep thinking

Deep strategic thinking

Every action we take on behalf of 31st Line clients is driven by a clearly defined communications strategy they approve. This strategy is central to the way we develop our creative direction and implement all communications efforts.

Group power

The power of multiple brains

Our team has an extraordinary ability to generate and build on great ideas, because we encourage every member to provide input and assess results.

Our partners

Our partners

We’ve developed strong working relationships with industry professionals as evidence of our shared values: hard work, mutual respect, honesty and going above and beyond.

Category specialists

Category specialists

For our size and category, We believe 31st Line is the strongest agency in the key markets we serve. As a team, we provide French and English services for clients in business to business, agriculture, technology, retail, economic development, tourism and insurance.

How can we help?


We can help you and your employees understand and live your brand everyday.

The 31st Line team has a vast amount of experience in developing effective communications for a wide range of industries over several decades. We have a strong track record of delivering powerful creative campaigns as well as a demonstrated understanding of the complex issues that our clients present.

We also have a strong track record solidifying employees around a company brand and helping them live this brand everyday.